Helsinki TukTours

Our Story


The first tuk-tuk tour in Helsinki was done in early summer 2020. After that, there have been many different guided tours, birthdays, anniversaries and “dolce vita” -moments onboard our tuk-tuks!

All this started however almost a year before the first tour. During the late summer 2019, two open-minded businesses met each other and found out that they both had the same idea – to bring the fun and environmentally friendly tuk-tuk vehicles to the streets of Helsinki! After that, Yoo-hoo! Tours with its knowledge of guided tours and TukTuk Finland, who imports these vehicles to Finland, started to plan the coming operations. This took the whole fall and winter, but finally Helsinki TukTours was born and is now offering these unique tours and rides in Helsinki already for the second season! We are very happy for the good feedback and positive vibes we have experienced during our first season. It has not been easy environment for the industry we are working in. Especially the corona-virus situation has kept us all alert and ready to change all the plans if necessary. We are however still confident, that our product has a future, and we are strongly engaged to develop it according to the need of our customers, partners, and operational environment. Our goal is to have the tuk-tuks to be a distinguished part of Helsinki summer activities!


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