Our aim is to offer different, interesting and also environmentally sustainable tours. TukTuk with 100% electrical use is a perfect tool for these goals and using these vehicles is our most important action towards sustainability. There is basically no local pollution from the tours and as the vehicles are electrical, also the noise pollution is small. The batteries of the vehicles are charged by using the sustainable wind powered electricity. We operate only a limited number of vehicles for 1-4 persons, so these tours won’t cause any overcrowding to the popular tourist attractions or places. 

Even though the electrical vehicles is our biggest way for sustainable business model, we also pay attention to other areas. We are a local, small tour operator and all our business partners are also local companies. All our drivers/guides have received a sustainability training either during their guide education or provided in-house. We don’t distribute water bottles to the tours, as we want to reduce the plastic waste, and if our guests are having any disposable plastic bottles or any other trash, we do empathize for the proper disposal of that and even collect the trash if no other means are provided. We don’t basically use any printed marketing material to reduce paper usage. We are constantly developing our ways to work to even more sustainable as it is the only way to operate with a good conscious.

We love the Baltic Sea which is surrounding Helsinki everywhere and we want to be part of the Baltic Sea protection work. That’s why we are in partnership with John Nurminen Foundation and donate from every tour to their important and successful work to save the Baltic Sea and its heritage for future generations.