Helsinki TukTours

TukTuk – What’s that?


Tuk-tuk, auto rickshaw, tok-tok, trishaw… the beloved three wheeled vehicle has many names around the world! These originally Southeast Asian vehicles date back to 1950s and are still nowadays an important part of the logistics in many developing countries. They often are recognized as loud and even unpleasant but still exotic way for travellers to experience countries they are used in. 

We wanted to bring this fun tuk-tuk feeling to Finland and Helsinki with our updated and modern tuk-tuks. Our tuk-tuks are new and manufactured in Netherlands. They are 100% electric, so they are silent and environmentally friendly, safe vehicles with all the necessary safety measurements required. They also are larger in size than the original Asian tuk-tuks and offer pleasant room for the passengers still not forgetting that cool tuk-tuk feeling! 

With these tuk-tuks we can offer you tours including also smaller streets and areas which are normally not reached on the city tours. The vehicles are open – and as said earlier also silent – so you can really feel the vibes of the city around you! Of course, Helsinki weather can be tricky sometimes, and that’s why we can also cover the tuk-tuks with see-through walls to keep you dry and warm. The maximum number of passengers is four, and the whole tuk-tuk is reserved only for you and your group so we can keep it safe too. We are very happy to offer completely new way to enjoy Helsinki on a relaxed and fun way – hope to see you soon!


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