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John Nurminen Foundation and Helsinki TukTours

Helsinki, the daughter of the Baltic Sea, was founded by the sea and the city has almost 140 km of coastline around our beautiful and unique sea. The Baltic Sea is an important part of Helsinki because of its nature, maritime culture and connections. In addition, the sea, the harbors and the archipelago are a strong part of the recognition of our hometown.

As a responsible company from Helsinki, we want to do our part to help our small, shallow sea that is sensitive to environmental changes. Eutrophication is the biggest problem in the Baltic Sea, but it is also threatened by oil and chemical transport, loss of biodiversity and climate change. Eutrophication and loss of bottom oxygen have already caused big problems for marine life.

We are supporting the John Nurminen Foundation’s important and successful work to save the Baltic Sea by donating part of the price of our tours to the foundation’s work. To our delight, many of the foundation’s projects, together with partners, have cut the phosphorus load, one of the main problems of the sea, by up to 75 percent in just under 10 years in the Gulf of Finland alone.

Read more about the John Nurminen Foundation or watch a video about it on our YouTube channel. Let’s save the Baltic Sea for future generations together!


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